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Ahmedabad Metro, India: The first batch of CANNY escalators were successfully installed
Author:本站  Published :2024-05-20 Read:371

Early 2023, CANNY Elevator successfully won the bid of Ahmedabad Metro Phase II, which is the 7th largest city in India and the largest city in Gujarat, nearly 100 units of heavy-duty public traffic type escalator. 


Now, the first batch of 30 units CANNY KLXF heavy-duty public traffic type escalator, configuration of the energy feedback function, successfully installed in the field.


It is worth mentioning, Gujarat is the hometown of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Modi has visited the Delhi Metro several times, took the CANNY escalators and appreciated the quality of CANNY products.

In 2015, Indian Prime Minister Mr. Modi Inspected Delhi Metro & Rode On CANNY Escalators.jpg

Ahmedabad is a major town, transportation hub and textile hub in western India, with 23 stations in Metro Phase II of the city, which is about 28 kilometers long.

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CANNY KLXF heavy-duty public traffic type escalator

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