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Owning both advanced technology and sophisticated functional configuration,
we have integrated high-end allocation, efficiency, smartness and energy saving, etc.
outstanding features into one and comprehensively applied various fields of technologies,
such as information, environment, energy and so on,
making contribution to creating rich and colorful urban life.


Mutual communication brings double safety : Dual motherboard + dual encoder
Both the sides of motherboard and speed governor are installed with encoders at the same time that are separately connected with integrated machine and select panel.
Two main control systems communicate and monitor each other.
If one of them makes an error, the terminal speed governor would be cut off and make the elevator stop safely.

To move with the flow to reduce the friction : A new type of roller guide shoe
The sliding friction has been replaced by rolling friction to reduce more than 47% of frictional loss for more efficient energy-conservation.
Small contact area and flexible support contribute to vibration lighter and feeling more comfortable.
There is no need to use guide rail lubricating oil, which is more environment-friendly by reducing maintenance.

Perfect curve for proper opening and closing : Permanent magnet synchronous door operator
The optimized S-Curve creates smooth and steady door switch and smaller load shock of electrical machine.
An outstanding self-adaptive control can response to various interference factors by self-check, self-adaptation and self-regulation.
The huge polyurethane roller has a strong wear-resistance and has realized a silence running.

Double-protection for nipping in the bud : Light curtain + safety edge
A new generation of double-protection of safety edge and infrared ray has been applied for more safety and reliability. The quantity of light curtain beams is 154, so the detection is more comprehensive and safer. IP54 of protection grade completely prevents the equipment from water and dust.

The functions of brake self-detection and self-monitor
In normal running condition, the elevator detects its brake on certain time every day. Once it is insufficient, the elevator will immediately stop its operation and display fault to ensure the safety of passengers at first time.

Sliding detection of hoist rope
As the increasing hours of use of the elevator, the friction force between hoist rope and hoist running wheel groove will ceaselessly reduce and lead to slipping of hoist rope, ranging from low precision of elevator leveling to free slipping phenomenon of car that causes personal injury. Since traditional detection of steel wire rope slippage value depends more on manual work, its detection precision is limited, while “sliding detection of hoist rope” function can transfer slippage value into millimeter-level and check it directly.

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