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The World-Class Height Elevator Test Tower with the Height of 288m


In December of 2003, the test tower with the height of 80m was set up by CANNY, which was the highest test tower in the elevator industry at that time. At the end of 2009, CANNY heightened the height of the original test tower from 80m to 95m for the research, development and testing of ultra-high speed and large-capacity elevator products and technologies.

CANNY has constructed an elevator test tower with the total height of 288m and the ground clear height of 268m. It extends to the underground with the depth of 20m. Besides, it has 9 testing shafts, 1 sightseeing shaft and 2 high-rise panoramic platforms. It applies the design integrating testing and sightseeing.

The groundbreaking of the experimental towers in CANNY elevator bases located in Chengdu and Zhongshan, respectively, started in November 2015, whose height reaches 120m and 100m, respectively.

CANNY possesses four test towers of 95m high, 100m high, 120m high and 288m high, respectively. It is the No.1 in the industry both in terms of the number and height of these test tower. The four test towers are distributed in three in three industrial bases nationwide in the east, west and south, and they reinforce and mutually support each other, becoming the incubator of company’s High-tech products.

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