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23 units of CANNY 4m/s high-speed elevator for Hangzhou Twin Towers
Author:CANNY  Published :2024-05-19 Read:369

Twin towers with height 150 meters are built in Hangzhou Langwan Science and Technology Innovation Center, 71 units of CANNY high class elevators will run up and down.Arrive quickly and accurately every time, making passenger feel comfortable.

23 units of CANNY KLK2–Blue Leopard will run in twin towers which is high in 150 meters.

Exclusive design with high speed 4.0m/s& clear car height 3000mm complements with the architectural decoration.

Smart large screen inside the car perfectly matches high class building, thus Highlighting its high level and sense of technology. 

Moreover, 2.5m/s passenger elevator, cargo elevator with load 3 tons, heavy load MRL elevator will run and be shown comprehensively in this building.


CANNY elevator continues to explore the application of high-level technological innovation.

In a global market, with a fine project, high-quality projects one after another will record the high-quality development of Chinese elevator brands.


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