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  • Mar,2003:CANNY successively passed. GB / T 19001 idt ISO9001: 2000 QualityManagement System Certification / GB/T24001-2004 ISO14001: 2004 EnvironmentalManagement System Certification
  • Dec,2001:CANNY was appraised by Jiangsu Provincial Science and Technology Department as “High Tech Enterprise in Jiangsu Province”.
  • Oct,1997:It's predecessor- Suzhou CANNY Elevator Co., Ltd. was established.
  • Apr,2003:CANNY cooperated with Institute of Building Mechanization of China Academy of Building Research to establish “CANNY Elevator R & D Center”, the first state-level CANNY R & D Institute.
  • Nov,2004:CANNY established “Nanjing University of Technology CANNY R & D Base” with Lift Technology Research Institute of Nanjing University of Technology.
  • Sep,2004:CANNY obtained CE Certificate issued by France Bureau Veritas and thus “CANNY” had a pass to European and international markets.
  • Aug,2004:“Class-A Qualification of Special Equipment Manufacture, Installation, Transformation and Repair” was issued to CANNY by State General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine.
  • Apr,2005:CANNY created three No.1, i.e. No.1 Height of Domestic Lift, No.1 Speed of 3m/s Lift and No.1 Height of 80m Testing Tower.

2006 2007 2008 2009

  • Sep,2006:CANNY became one of the largest escalator manufacture bases in Asia as the Phase II Plant Construction Project with an area of 80,000 square meters started.
  • Jun,2006:CANNY was rated as “Key High-tech Enterprise of National Torch Plan” by National Ministry of Science and Technology.

  • Feb,2006:Data from China Industrial Information Issuing Center of National Bureau of Statistics showed that CANNY escalator ranked the first in product sales among similar domestic products in 2005 in Chinese market
  • Oct,2007:CANNY obtained Korean KC Certification,Russian Escalator GOST Certification and Kazakhstan Lift GOST Certification. CANNYgot the pass to the international markets such as Korea and Russia etc.
  • Oct,2007:CANNY Elevator Co., Ltd. was established, symbolizing that CANNY ascended onto a brand-new platform.

  • Dec,2008:CANNY won the bid of 199 sets of public traffic escalators in Suzhou Rail Transit Line 1.
  • Nov,2008:“Service Lift Manufacture & Installation Safety Standards” (new national standards) formulated by CANNY was successfully approved by the experts of National Lift Standardization Technical Committee, which was issued and executed by General Administration of Quality Supervision and Standardization Administration of China.
  • Dec,2009:CANNY Elevator IPO was approved by the Issuance Examination Committee of China Securities Regulatory Commission.
  • Jun,2009:“CANNY Elevator- Zhejiang University Academician Work Station” was formally established to deepen the cooperation of production, education and research.
  • Oct,2010:Zhongshan Gunagdu Mechanical and Electrical Co., Ltd. was established and the constriction started on October.
  • Sep,2010:CANNY Elevator broke technical monopoly of foreign invested enterprises by successfully developing KLK2 7.0M/S high speed elevator with complete proprietary intellectual property rights in domestic markets, fulfilling a significant breakthrough in the Chinese elevator technology innovation.
  • Mar,2010:CANNY successfully listed in Shenzhen Stock Exchange. (Stock Code 002367)
  • Nov,2011:The first batch of 6 sets CANNY KLK2 group control elevators with 6M/S super high speed was successfully operated in Shanghai Longemont Yes Tower.
  • Nov,2011:CANNY Elevator Technical Center was formally acknowledged as “National Enterprise Technical Center” by five national ministries, becoming the first domestic elevator enterprise with this honorary title.
  • Oct,2011:Full-Capital Subsidiary Chengdu CANNY Elevator Co., Ltd. was established.
  • Sep,2011:CANNY Elevator “Restrictive Stock Encouragement Plan” was approved by China Securities Regulatory Commission.
  • Feb,2011:Full-Capital Subsidiary Suzhou Legend Electrical Co., Ltd. was established and put into production.
  • Oct,2012:CANNY Elevator 15th Anniversary Celebration Ceremony and Ground-breaking Ceremony of CANNY Elevator Wujiang Core Components Industrial Park were convened.
  • Mar,2012:CANNY Elevator won the bid of 315 sets of KLXF heavy-duty public traffic type escalators for Suzhou Metro Line 2 and the total bidding volume was as high as 250 million RMB, setting the record of largest quantity of escalators for one time in domestic public traffic escalator bidding.
  • Mar,2012:CANNY Elevator was successfully listed into “2012-2014 Designated Elevator Procurement Supplier to Chinese Central Government Organs” .
  • Mar,2012:The construction of Chengdu CANNY ElevatorCo., Ltd. Energy-Saving Elevator Industrial Park was officially started.
  • Oct,2010:Changshu Institute of Science and Technology - CANNY Elevator Academy (Undergraduate) was formally established, which is the first undergraduate elevator major in China.
  • Dec,2013:CANNY Elevator was awarded the Second National Construction Machinery and Elevator Industry Quality Award.
  • Dec,2013:CANNY Elevator held the press conference on delivering the Tianmenshan Mountain Tourism Tunnel escalators.
  • May,2013:CANNY won the bid of Phase III Project of Delhi Metro, totaling 291 sets of public traffic type escalators.
  • Mar,2013:Project of CANNY Elevator 288-meter new test tower and science building officially started.
  • Dec,2014:CANNY Elevator invests UNISROBO and enters the industry of service robots.
  • Dec,2014:Invited by China's Economic and Trade Delegation, Wang Youlin, the president of the company, visited Kazakhstan along with Premier Li Keqiang, to participate in the Second Meeting of China-Kazakhstan Enterpreneurs Representative Committee and delivered the keynote speech.
  • Jul,2014:CANNY Elevator won the bid of Suzhou Metro Line 4 with 352 sets of KLXF heavy-duty public traffic type escalator in the whole line.
  • May,2014:CANNY Elevator won the bid of 103 Escalators for Changsha Metro Line 1.
  • Mar,2014:CANNY Elevator was awarded "No. 1 Sale among the Same Kind of Domestic Brands in the Chinese Markets in 2013”. It has been awarded such a glory for successive 9 years since 2005.
  • Jan,2014:CANNY has been awarded Innovation and Independent Brand of Government Procurement Elevator for six consecutive years (2008-2103).
  • Nov,2015:Chairman Wang Youlin attended the 2015 APEC Business Leaders' Summit.
  • Oct,2015:CANNY Elevator shows China's brand image in New York's Times Square.
  • May,2015:CANNY Elevator won Suzhou Mayor Quality Awards.
  • Apr,2015:CANNY Elevator was chosen as the "First Choice of Top 500 Real Estate Development Enterprises of China", excelling the Brand Elevators of the World.
  • Jan,2015:CANNY Elevator was successfully listed into “2014-2015 Designated Elevator Procurement Supplier to Chinese Central Government Organs” .
  • Jan,2015: The project of Mount Tianmen Tourism Tunnel Escalators by CANNY Elevator which has created a new miracle world engineering project, was awarded the first prize for“Project of the year 2014-- The New Installation Escalator". This is the first achievement for Chinese domestic elevator brands. As the only Chinese brand winner, CANNY Elevator has set another No.1 record in the Chinese elevator industry.
  • Dec,2016:Evaluated by China Council for Brand Development, the brand value of CANNY ELEVATOR is RMB 4.363 billion.

  • Dec,2016:CANNY President Wang Youlin was elected Vice President of China Chamber of International Commerce.
  • Nov,2016:CANNY President Wang Youlin Attended The 2016 APEC Summit By Invitation 
  • Jun,2016CANNY ELEVATOR officially joined the China Robot Industry Alliance.

  • Apr,2016:CANNY ELEVATOR was chosen as the "First Choice of Top 500 Real Estate Development Enterprises of China", excelling the Brand Elevators of the World.
  • Jan,2016: CANNY ELEVATOR was awarded the “2015 NationalTop 10 Elevator Supplier in Government Procurement”.

  • Sep,2017:CANNY ELEVATOR 20th Anniversary Celebration & New Product Launch Conference and Test Tower Inauguration Ceremony have been successfully held in Suzhou City.
  • Sep,2017:CANNY President Mr. Wang Youlin attended 2017 BRICS Business Forum.
  • May,2017:CANNY ELEVATOR won 2017 Airport Best Intelligent Equipment Supplier Award.
  • Apr,2017:CANNY President Wang Youlin attended Australia-China Economic and Trade Cooperation Forum
  • Jan,2017:CANNY won JeJu Island's Gangjeong Port project --18 units of super long and super wide Moving-Walk.

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