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Whole-Hearted Services  &  CANNY with Heart and Soul

CANNY provides users with the most considerate and perfect service program; the innovative technology minds the state of your equipment anytime and anywhere, making it easier than ever to find and solve problems that may occur. Meanwhile, we will make adjustments according to your equipment and local conditions to customize your installation and maintenance service programs. CANNY has been in dedicated and whole-hearted for always and our ultimate goal is to make you free from any worries.



24/7 Call Center & Internet of Things    

Based on mobile communication technology, data management technology and a new generation of control system, CANNY can collect real-time acquisition equipment operation data and the animation display. So CANNY can find trouble in time and give a quick fix.


CANNY Eagle Intelligent Management System

CANNY has established "CANNY Eagle" intelligent management system, including order effective - production – finishing and warehousing - factory delivery - arriving the construction site - installation management - after-sales maintenance, the whole process.



Engineering Service Management Operating System(EOS)

CANNY has established a set of accurate, convenient and easy to use mobile APP platform, to assist the site staff to dispatch work and report work results. It is convenient for engineering managers conduct a statistical analysis on the construction site personnel work and improve the management efficiency and service quality.

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