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CANNY ELEVATOR appearing in China World Elevator & Escalator Expo 2018 highlights the strength of Global Top10 Elevator Manufacturer
Author:CANNY  Published :2018-05-17 Read:4952
From 8th to 11th May, World Elevator & Escalator Expo 2018 opened in Shanghai. This is a two-year industry event, attracting all the major manufacturers and parts manufacturers of the world to participate in the exhibition.

On the first day of the exhibition, exhibitors and many visitors are waiting under the poster of "CANNY Elevator – Global TOP10 Elevator Manufacturer” to enter the pavilion.

The exhibition hall of CANNY Elevator, located in the central area of No. 5.2 Pavilion, soon became a popular exhibition booth. New and old customers at home and abroad come in and communicate for business.

The leaders of the Special Equipment Bureau of State Administration for Market Regulation are visiting CANNY’s exhibition hall, inspecting CANNY’s intelligent manufacturing system and the national industrial layout through the VR equipments.

The VR visual experience room of CANNY is becoming an attention area of the whole field. Through the VR equipments, the visitors can overlook the intelligent manufacturing base of CANNY and truly feel the speed of the 10m/s ultra high speed elevator and the height of the highest test tower in the world.

During the exhibition, Esfandiar Gharibaan, the president of the European Elevator Standardization Technical Committee, and Huetter, the chairman of the German Elevator Association, and other experts went to the headquarters Industrial Park of CANNY. Accompanied by Wang Youlin, chairman of CANNY, they boarded the 288 meters elevator test tower, which is the highest test tower in the world by 10m/s super high speed elevator, and the Escalator test platform for testing heavy-duty public traffic type escalator of 50 meters high.

As an important part of China's manufacturing, the elevator industry in China is in deep integration in the recent two years. Only the elevator enterprises with the core technology, strong comprehensive strength and high quality brand can develop steadily in the difficult market environment.

In just 20 years, CANNY Elevator has become a leading enterprise in China's elevator industry from a young Chinese brand to Global TOP10 Elevator Manufacturer.

In the future, providing with technology, capital, brand and management, CANNY Elevator will achieve greater achievements. Let's cooperate hand in hand and witness together.

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