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CANNY ELEVATOR won 2017 Airport Best Intelligent Equipment Supplier Award
Author:CANNY  Published :2017-06-02 Read:5055

The Seventh International Summit on Airport Construction and Development was held in Shanghai during May 11th to 12th. More than 300 delegates from domestic and foreign academia, business circles and related non-governmental organizations attended the meeting. Wang Youlin, President of CANNY ELEVATOR, was invited to attend and delivered keynote speeches. At the meeting, CANNY ELEVATOR won the 2017 Airport Best Intelligent Equipment Supplier Award, becoming the only award-winning Chinese elevator brand!

As an industry representative, Wang Youlin, President of CANNY ELEVATOR, delivered an important speech at the meeting: Chinese national brand elevator supports the airport’s construction and development a lot. With nearly 15 years’ development, Chinese elevator enterprises grow faster and become bigger and stronger. As the leader in elevator industry, CANNY also created many NO.1 in Chinese elevator development history.
☆ The first listed company in Chinese elevator industry
☆ The first national level enterprise technology center, academician workstation and postdoctoral research station
☆ CANNY establishes 4 elevator testing towers. The 288 meters-high testing tower, located in headquarters, is the highest elevator testing tower in the whole world. The quantity and total height of testing towers rank the forefront in domestic elevator industry.
☆ CANNY owns 4 manufacture bases, covering more than 1,410,000㎡. Production capability ranks the forefront in domestic elevator industry.
☆ CANNY Successfully developed ultra-high speed elevator of 7m/s, 10m/s, and heavy load public transport type escalator with travelling height 50m.
☆ CANNY Won the municipal level, the provincial level highest quality award as an elevator enterprise.
(2013-2017)top ten elevator suppliers(Ranked No. 7) selected by China 's top 500 real estate enterprises.
(2012-2016)designated elevator supplier for Chinese central state government organs.
(2008-2014)independent innovation elevator brand among Chinese government suppliers.
(2015-2016)top ten outstanding elevator company among national government suppliers…

As the only Chinese brand with comprehensive typical performance in subway, airport and railway in both domestic and abroad market, CANNY ELEVATOR customizes solutions for airport, specially develops large-width and large-span horizontal auto walks, public transport escalator adapted to large passenger flow, and big load lift without machine room, as well as CANNY ELEVATOR safety cloud management platform based on the Internet of Things, all things above mean that Chinese brand elevator is fully capable of providing product and service with better quality for the airport!

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