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CANNY Elevator took you into a different Russian International Elevator Show
Author:CANNY  Published :2017-05-24 Read:5358

From 25 to 27 April, Exhibition of Russian Elevator Week–2017 was held at the All-Russia Exhibition Center in Moscow and once in two years. Hundreds of companies from 18 countries and regions gathered in Moscow. Being the main supplier of elevator & escalator in Russia market, CANNY Elevator already continuously attended the Exhibition of Russian Elevator Week.

All-Russia Exhibition Center is Russian earliest &largest exhibition center, formerly named as the Soviet Union National Economic Achievement Exhibition, covering an area of nearly 300 hectares, with a total of 80 exhibition halls. Russian Elevator Week is the largest professional exhibition of the whole Russian elevator industry, and it’s the largest, the widest effected and the most professional elevator industry exhibition in East Europe. It has successfully held seven times to attract the purchasers and experts from Russian, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, Georgia to visit and negotiate.

Russia with its surrounding CIS countries is the world's third largest lift &escalator market, especially as one of the BRICS countries, Russia has a rapid rise of new economy that benefited from the high political mutual trust between China and Russia in recent years. Thus this promotes two countries the multi &deep cooperation in economy.

As a leader of China Local elevator brand, CANNY Elevator has been widely used in Russia market for 11 years. CANNY sales and service center is built in more than 20 states of Russia. More than 5000 units of CANNY elevators and escalators are used in Russia market, CANNY is one of the most famous elevator brand in Russia Market. With a strong comprehensive strength, well considered technical solutions and high efficient service, in 2016 CANNY Elevator won the project Krasnoyarsk airport which is invested by government, which enhanced CANNY Brand in Russia market.

In order to perfectly display the international brand CANNY, CANNY Elevator and Russian partner well designed a newly, big size and open three sides booth, which meets aesthetic standard of the Russian nations. In this exhibition, CANNY booth was one of the most eye-catching image, attracted many visitors to discuss and negotiate.

By Exhibition of Russian Elevator Week, CANNY Elevator will be closer to the Russia market, which is conducive to optimizing the market strategy and strengthening market development for consolidating CANNY Brand in Russia and laying a strong foundation to expand market in CIS countries, even in Europe.

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