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CANNY Elevator Won The Bidding of Suzhou Metro Line 3
Author:CANNY  Published :2016-09-14 Read:5777

       Recently, CANNY received a good news from Suzhou Rail Transit Co., Ltd that CANNY Elevator has won the bidding of Suzhou Metro Line 3 with 220 escalators, which marks another typical strategic cooperation project between CANNY Elevator and Suzhou Rail Transit.

       Suzhou Municipal has been actively promoting the construction of several metro lines. According to the latest Urban Rail Transit Network Planning, Suzhou is expected to build 9 metro lines with total length 405 kilometers until 2030. With overall length 45.185 kilometers, Suzhou Metro Line 3 is the core route in east-west direction in Suzhou Metro Line network, and has the most interchange stations among currently planned lines. With 37 stations including 14 interchange stations, it is expected to open to public in 2019.

       Since 2006, as a major escalator supplier in rail transit, CANNY has been playing an important role in public transportation fields with high standards and strict requirements at home and abroad, including Korea, India, Iran, Turkey and etc, and becomes the leading product supplier and service provider among China domestic elevator enterprises. Until now, CANNY has been continuously supplying over 1000 units of heavy duty public traffic escalators to Suzhou Rail Transit (199 units in Line 1, 450 units in line 2 and 352 units in line 4). CANNY Elevator will provide“personal nanny”engineering service to Suzhou Rail Transit systems and contribute to the Suzhou urban construction.

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