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CANNY Landing in New York Times Square Remarkably
Author:CANNY  Published :2016-08-23 Read:5719

       During the 2016 Brazil Olympic Games,The first "New York· Chinese brand culture festival" as the theme of "sports in Rio and business in New York " Start in New York Times Square . CANNY elevator as the only brand in Chinese elevator industry with GREE, Haier, JDB as the representative of the leaders in relevant line landing in New York Times Square again, Showing the leading spirit!

       New York Times Square is located in the heart of Manhattan, Known as "the crossroads of the world", attracting more than 500 million visitors every year. The outdoor large screen advertisement which is one of the best windows to attract global attention is known as the world's top brand showing. The 50 Chinese industry leaders "Occupy" the world's biggest influence outdoor advertising platform, showing the enterprise image in both Chinese and English versions repeatedly .Tourists in New York Times Square to watch the Olympic Games at the same time, will also accept the baptism of the Chinese brand.

       CANNY elevator as the only brand in Chinese elevator industry showing in New York Times Square, it is the representative of the ambitions and strength of Chinese elevator brand actively to the international market. As the leader of Chinese Elevator Company, CANNY elevator devotes to establish international brand strategy all the time, establishing a global marketing network service system. CANNY products have been exported to more than 100 countries, playing an important role in major oversea projects.

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