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2024 CANNY Elevator Global Partner Conference was successfully held
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On January 15th, 2024, the "Initiate A New Ecology, Cooperate For A New Future" 2024 CANNY Elevator Global Partner Conference was successfully held in Xiamen, China, with over 600 partners from around the world gathering to share the brilliance and glory. 



President Mr. Zhu Linhao delivered a significant speech, praising the collaborative achievements of CANNY and its global partners, aiming for outstanding performance. In 2024, CANNY Elevators will provide comprehensive support to global partners with enhanced operational strategies, adaptive solutions, and higher-quality marketing services; digitizing manufacturing for intelligence, fostering technological innovation, delivering global all-encompassing solutions, and customized services to enhance its global presence. 


President Mr. Zhu Linhao


Vice President Mr. Zhu Ruihua (Richard Zhu) presented a comprehensive analysis of the macro-environment, market conditions, and future elevator industry trends in the thematic report. Leveraging the world's largest elevator market in China, seizing numerous market opportunities, and riding the "Belt and Road" initiative, CANNY's brand position reached new heights. In the future, CANNY will focus on its core business, driving growth in both domestic and international markets, integrating technological innovation with product development, aspiring to build "CANNY" into a globally respected professional elevator brand.


Vice President Mr. Richard Zhu


Vice President Mr. Qin Chengsong shared CANNY Elevator's impressive achievements in 2023 and win-win stories with partners: adhering to the concept of high-quality development, achieving new heights in various business areas such as strategic customer development, rail transportation projects, cultural and tourism scenic spots, high-end commercial projects, home elevator, and modernization; the professional, considerate, and efficient marketing team, empowered by digital tools, acted as a strong support and guarantee for partners' success.


Vice President Mr. Qin Chengsong


Mr. Wang Lifan, Executive President of the Frontline Operations Center, released and thoroughly interpreted the 2024 new upgraded incentive policy to domestic partners, injecting new vitality into the continuous high-quality cooperative development in the future. 


Mr. Wang Lifan

Executive President of the Frontline Operations Center


Deputy Chief Engineer Mr. Yu Cheng from the Technology Center comprehensively introduced the new solutions launched by CANNY in 2024 for passenger scenarios, home scenarios, industrial parks, cultural and tourist attractions, overseas markets, modernizations, ensuring continuous satisfaction of global customer needs. 


Mr. Yu Cheng

Deputy Chief Engineer


The CANNY Elevator Awards Ceremony opened amid-st great anticipation, witnessed by global partners and celebrating glory. 


The high-profile appreciation banquet elevated the atmosphere to new heights. 


Looking ahead, CANNY Elevator will adhere to a long-term perspective, consistently advancing hand in hand with global partners, jointly embarking on a more brilliant new journey!

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