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CANNY Elevator Attended Interlift 2023 German International Elevator Exhibition
Author:本站  Published :2023-10-24 Read:1319

On October 17-20, 2023, one of the world's most influential elevator exhibitions, the Interlift 2023, was held in Augsburg, Germany, attracting well-known companies in the global elevator industry to gather here. As one of the top 10 global elevator manufacturers, CANNY Elevator attended the exhibition by international business team and technical team led by Vice President Richard Zhu , showcased the latest achievements in enterprise development and the charm of excellent Chinese brands to the world!


The German International Elevator Technology and Parts Exhibition (Interlift) was founded in 1991 and is one of the largest and most professional elevator industry exhibitions in the world. Its influence covers Europe, America, Africa, Asia, and other regions, providing a professional platform for technology display, experience exchange, trade negotiations, and market development for the industry.


As the earliest Chinese elevator brand to appear at Interlift , CANNY Elevator actively expands into the international market, sticks to "customer-centric", and introduces passenger transportation solutions that meet international standards, adapt to global user needs, and apply to multiple application scenarios, has achieved fruitful results. In particular, high-end elevator models such as CANNY high-speed elevators and public transportation escalators have successively entered overseas high-end business buildings, government buildings, urban rail transit, and airports. The excellent Chinese brand image, high-quality products and service level have been widely recognized, attracting many new and old partners to visit the exhibition stand for in-depth and face-to-face communication.


During the exhibition, CANNY Elevator, as an honorary representative of the Chinese exhibition group, was invited to attend the "2024 Dubai International Elevator Exhibition" promotion and signing ceremony jointly organized by the China Elevator Association, China Association of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation Enterprises, German AFAG Exhibition Company, and Elevator World magazine.


Embrace the world, create and win together. Over the past twenty years since the turn of the century, Chinese elevator brands such as CANNY Elevator have rapidly emerged in the global urbanization wave, deeply participating in international competition and cooperation, and becoming an indispensable and crucial pole in the world elevator industry.

In the new era, new journey, and new goals, CANNY Elevator has always adhered to long-term principles, pursued excellent operation, and built a solid industrial ecosystem. It continues to enhance the comprehensive competitiveness of the enterprise around digital intelligence and low-carbon, accelerating the realization of "high-quality going global ".

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