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CANNY Elevator Attended the 2023 Jeddah International Elevator Exhibition
Author:CANNY  Published :2023-09-14 Read:1378

LIFT CITY EXPO JEDDAH 2023 is one of the largest elevator and escalator exhibitions in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East. The exhibition is strongly supported by the Saudi Arabian Standards Organization (SASO), the Saudi Council of Engineers, the GCC Standards Organization (GSO) and the Saudi Authority for Industrial Cities and Technology Zones (MODON). The exhibition radiates to the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Turkey, Jordan, Iraq, Egypt and other Arab countries.


As one of China's top trading partners in the Middle East, Saudi Arabia has been committed to getting rid of its dependence on oil since the release of the "2030 Vision" national strategy. The Saudi government has been actively promoting the diversification and modernization of its economy, bringing great potential and vigorous development to trade and engineering infrastructure in the Gulf region. It also provides more investment and cooperation opportunities for Chinese enterprises, and Chinese brands have become the first choice for elevator procurement in the Middle East and even the world.


In recent years, CANNY Elevator overseas marketing is developing rapidly and deeply. CANNY team led by vice president Richard Zhu attended this exhibition. In the exhibition CANNY team carried out full communication with new and old clients. CANNY Elevator unveiled the latest products and technical achievements for the Middle East market, displaying typical engineering and high-speed elevator projects serving the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Iraq and other neighboring countries, attracting many customers to visit the booth, laying a solid foundation for expanding the local market. CANNY takes this opportunity to expand the market in the Middle East and neighboring countries, deepen exchanges and cooperation with old and new partners, and inject new momentum into the company's international development.


As a leading enterprise of China's elevator brands and the global Top 10 elevator manufacturers for 7 consecutive years, CANNY Elevator continues to practice the "Belt and Road" initiative, adhering to the development concept of "rooted in China, serving the world", and actively expand the layout of overseas markets. 

CANNY persistently strengthen technological innovation and product upgrading to enhance brand influence and competitiveness, export better product and service solutions for global customers.


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