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Being People-oriented, starting from The Heart
Being people-oriented, it adopts intelligent modern technology,
Uses the latest elevator manufacturing technology,
Achieves high availability and high cost-efficiency of elevator,
Can fully meet various space requirements of buildings at different scales and different lifestyles.


A new generation of permanent magnet synchronous gearless traction machine
High precision sealed bearing, with greater torque and higher efficiency.
Technology, which saves more than 30% of energies. Coaxial transmission
No need to replace the lubricant, which reduces oil contamination.
Eliminate the noise and vibration caused by traditional transmission, which helps realize quietness and smoothness.

Integrated Control System · Extraordinary Functions
New generation smart vector-based integrated control system includes the distance control, direct stopping, closed-loop vector control, and CANBUS communication technology and other functions. Compared with conventional elevator control, it has a better performance and an easier maintenance.

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