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Product Introduction:

While you enjoying the scenery in KLG Panorama Elevator,
In other's eyes,
It is also a picture of scenery.


Humane details to make you easy and comfortable
Fault self-diagnosis system, provides detailed preventive maintenance data reference, is convenient for maintenance, and can ensure smooth operation.
Serial communication technology greatly reduces wiring amount, improves information reliability, and shortens installation time.
BAS functional system can real-time monitor the elevator running status, and transfer the signals to the control station, improving the monitoring ability. (Optional)

IC card intelligent management makes installation more convenient and functions more complete, making the elevators enter into families more safely. (Optional)

Long-distance monitor, Through signal interface device and wireless network technology, user can log in the corresponding server to check information, make statistical analysis of elevator failure rate and failure time, and achieve fault message alarm. (Optional)

Technology innovation, saving energy and reducing consumption

Internal car LED lighting
No fever on lamp body, it can be converted more than 90% of electric energy into light energy;
Long service life, less power consumption;
Electricity consumption of elevator being decreased by 20%~35%;
No heavy metals added in chip packaging and processing, no harmful substances contained;
Recyclable after disposed.

Permanent magnet synchronous gearless traction machine
Lighter than traditional traction machine by 50%, saving energy for more than 40%, no need to replace grease, free maintenance and low noise, creating a quiet space.

Automatic waking device
When nobody calls for the elevator in a fixed time period, the light and the fan in the car will automatically shut off; When someone calls, the device will automatically start, saving energy during the standing time.

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