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CANNY Elevator has been ranked among the Top 10 Global Elevator Manufacturers for 5 consecutive years
Author:CANNY  Published :2021-10-25 Read:3863

In September 2021, the list of "Top 10 Global Elevator Manufacturers 2021" was released, which once again attracted extensive attention from both inside and outside the industry. CANNY Elevator has been ranked among the "Top 10 Global Elevator Manufacturers" for 5 consecutive years, and is the only Chinese brand among the global top 10!

The "Top 10 Global Elevator Manufacturers” list was first released in 2017. It makes comprehensive assessment of list companies’ business sales revenue, corporate growth, index of internationalization, brand power, technology leadership, profitability and other important indexes with systematic, scientific and fair selection mechanism. It is highly recognized by the industry, and its credibility and influence are increasing year by year.

China is the world's largest elevator manufacturer and exporter, among which CANNY Elevator is the leading company:

-Ranked No.1 in China Elevator Brand Value (7.918 billion CNY in 2021)

-Build the first state-recognized enterprise technology center among the Chinese elevator brands

-Build four product test platforms with 288-meter world class ultra-high test tower as the core

-First China elevator company developed 3m/s, 4m/s, 7m/s, 8m/s, 10m/s ultra-high speed elevator.

-The first Chinese elevator brand to serve Subway in South Korea, has served hundreds of public transportation projects around the world

CANNY started the oversea business from China since 2002. It is one of the earliest and most successful Chinese elevator brands in the world market.

Despite the continuing downturn of the global economy and construction market due to the impact of COVID-19 pandemic, the global top 10 elevator manufacturers have performed well, demonstrating the brand power and the business sustainability of these outstanding enterprises.

As the youngest member of the top 10 global elevator manufacturers, CANNY Elevator has big development potential and will become a key part in leading the development of the global elevator industry!

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