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CANNY ranks among the " Global Top 10 Elevator Manufacturers" for 4 consecutive years
Author:CANNY  Published :2020-08-25 Read:3775

On August 18, 2020, the "2020 World Elevator Summit" was grandly held in Shanghai. Executives from Otis, Schindler, ThyssenKrupp, CANNY, Wittur and other companies attended the summit that authoritatively released the lists such as "2020 Global Top10 Elevator Manufacturers" and "2020 Top 10 Chinese Elevator Manufacturers".

☆ CANNY, the only Chinese brand in the Global Top 10, ranks among the " Global Top 10 Elevator Manufacturers" for 4 consecutive years (2017-2020) and continues to lead the "Top 10 Chinese Elevator Manufacturers"

☆ Mr. Youlin Wang, Chairman of CANNY Elevator, won the "2020 Person of The Year"

In recent years, the top 10 list comprehensively evaluated according to the key indicators such as sales revenue, corporate growth, internationalization index, brand power, technical leadership and profitability has become an important benchmark for measuring the development quality of elevator manufacturers with its influence is increasing year by year due to the systematic and scientific evaluation criteria and the air and credible selection mechanism.

As the leader of China's elevator industry, Chairman Youlin Wang of CANNY Elevator called on the entire industry to abandon vicious competition and create value for customers with innovative high-quality products and perfect services, promote each other, and improve together.

At the subsequent industry forum, Mr. Richard Zhu, vice president of CANNY Elevator, shared many views on industry competition and future development on behalf of CANNY. He said that market competition always exists. The brighter future belongs to the company that master core technologies, build high-quality brands, improve their ability to meet customer needs, and always pay attention to the empowerment of new technologies.

China's elevator industry maintains steady growth after the short-term market fluctuations owing to the pandemic at the beginning of 2020 brought, indicating that is strong and capable of resisting risks. In the future global market, high-quality Chinese elevator brands headed by CANNY will surely use their strength to gain wider recognition and become the key polar in the global elevator industry!

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