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Co-creating the win-win future of CANNY cause – CANNY Elevator Held 2019 Overseas Agent Conference Successfully
Author:CANNY  Published :2019-03-28 Read:4417

On March 16, the 2019 CANNY Elevator Overseas Agents Working Conference in Dubai, UAE , the crossroads of Europe,Asia and Africa, was attended by President Wang Youlin and his wife, Mr. Zhang Lexiang, Secretary General of China Elevator Association, Dr. Gong Jianfei, Director of Development office of China Academy of Building Research, Mr. Achim Huetter, President of German Elevator Technology Association and VFA-Interlift, Mr. Zhu Ruihua, Vice President of CANNY Elevator, other company executives, guests from the industry, the elite team of international business, and overseas core agent partners from five continents, totally more than 90 people.




The conference officially kicked off with the grand President's acceptance ceremony: with the background of the national flags, President Wang Youlin met with representatives of the core agent partners and took a group photo.





At the beginning of the conference, an elaborate CANNY International Business VCR led the guests to review the mutual beneficial struggle and win-win achievement of 2018 CANNY and overseas agency partners.



Then, President Wang Youlin, delivered the keynote speech:


In the past 2018, CANNY International's business has developed steadily and achieved outstanding results, like the key projects including Punto Plaza in Mexico, Southern Real Estate Project in Russia, West Railway Station in India, Doha Pedestrian Bridge in Qatar, Istanbul Skywalk in Turkey, and Kuantan Telecommunications Tower in Malaysia as well as the Belt and Road projects such as the Rwandan Prime Minister's Office, the Congo Lubumbashi Hospital, the Guyana Ministry of Foreign Affairs Building .Thanks to overseas agency partners for their full cooperation and efforts.


As the vice Chairman of China International Chamber of Commerce, CANNY President Wang Youlin attended the high-profile international conferences, like APEC Summit, the BRICS Business Forum, the China-Australia Economic and Trade Forum, and the China-Kazakhstan Economic and Trade Forum, greatly promoting CANNY brand's internationalization process.


Mr. Wang Youlin, President of CANNY Elevator


Mr. Zhang Lexiang, secretary-general of China Elevator Association, and Mr. Achim Huetter, president of German Elevator Technology Association, respectively analyze the status quo of the industry and look forward to its future from the perspective of the Chinese market and the global market. It is expected that the global market will maintain a growth of around 5% in the next five years, through which, the fierce market competition and industry integration will continue. The excellent Chinese elevator brand has already become an important pole in the global competition, which is fully proved by that CANNY Elevator has become the global TOP10 elevator manufacturer for two consecutive years.


Mr. Zhang Lexiang, Secretary General of China Elevator Association


Mr. Achim Huetter, President of the German Elevator Technology Association 


Mr. Zhu Ruihua, vice president of CANNY Elevator, explained the brand status of CANNY Elevator, overseas market planning and international brand marketing strategy. The current world economy grows slowly, and the market risk and opportunity coexists. The Matthew Effect works in the process of accelerated integration of the elevator industry to highlight the value of excellent brands increasingly.


In 2018, CANNY Elevator has continued to be the Global TOP10 elevator manufacturer.  As the most influential Chinese elevator brand in the world, CANNY adheres to the concept of value marketing, expands the overseas marketing service network further to 64 countries, and exports the products to more than 100 countries and regions. In the future, CANNY Elevator will continue to improve the international business organization structure, improve work efficiency, connect with the vast global market with better products and services, break through time and space constraints with new technologies such as 5G and Internet of Things, and closely linked the global users with China CANNY


Mr. Zhu Ruihua, Vice President of CANNY Elevator


Mr. Zhang Jianhong and Mr. Wei Haozhi, deputy chief engineers of CANNY Elevator Technology Center, respectively explained the product advantages and future planning of elevators, escalators, moving walkways and core components, which greatly enhanced the confidence of the partners. Relying on the nationally recognized enterprise technology center, the world's leading complete machine testing platform and experimental platform, CANNY Elevator has accumulated strong technical strength, adhering to the concept of "what the market needs is what we provide", and in-depth studied the market's special standards and individualized needs of the overseas major regions to provide the superior ride experience to users in different parts of the world.


Mr. Zhang Jianhong, Deputy Chief Engineer of CANNY Technology Center


Mr. Wei Haozhi, Deputy Chief Engineer of CANNY Technology Center



CANNY Elevator's brand status and market performance cannot be separated from the hard work of the majority of partners. In order to establish a good example and show their exemplary leadership, CANNY solemnly commended the overseas agency partners who have made outstanding contributions in 2018, and invited their representatives to come to the stage to share their successful experiences.


Overseas agent partners present souvenirs to President Wang Youlin


The brand-new 2019 has set sail, and the CANNY cause is writing a new chapter. CANNY people and partners are working together with extraordinary wisdom, boundless enthusiasm, scientific initiatives and efficient actions to realize the brilliant CANNY dream of "the world brand, leading in China"!  


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