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CANNY Serve Beijing New Airport Intercity Railway Connector
Author:CANNY  Published :2018-11-07 Read:4559

As the capital of China, Beijing is also one of the most important metro markets in China. Recently, CANNY has made new breakthroughs in this market, successfully winning the bid of 12 units’ escalators and elevators for Beijing New Airport Express to help build the world's largest Daxing International Airport in the future.

The core technology is the discourse power in the market. CANNY has ranked among the Global TOP10 elevator manufacturers and become one of the most important escalator suppliers and engineering service providers in the global rail transit market. It is inseparable from the industry's leading enterprise R&D system constituted by the nationally recognized enterprise technology center, CNAS certification laboratory, and the highest industry standard product testing platform (four elevator test towers, one of which is the world's tallest 288 meters) 

In the face of the severe cold of Siberia, the scorching heat of South Asia, the wetness of the seashore and the wind and sand of the northwest, the CANNY elevators and escalators are running stably and successfully fulfilling various requirements of customers.

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