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CANNY won several domestic and overseas bids for public transportation projects
Author:CANNY  Published :2018-08-22 Read:4754

The market is the touchstone of company strength. Since June, CANNY has won 3 public transportation projects. In 2018, it has won nearly 10 public transportation projects:


1. China Fuzhou Metro Line 6:  83 heavy-duty public transportation type escalators


2. China Jinan East Railway Station:  72 elevators and escalators


3. Qatar Doha E-Circle Pedestrian Bridge:  10 heavy-duty machine room-less elevators

The vital means of the urban transport environment is the public transportation that is also the focus of infrastructure investment. Since entering the public transportation market in 2006, CANNY has become the most competitive and influential Chinese brand with the rich practical experience in design, production, sales support, installation and after-sales service, as well as the comprehensive solutions of product and engineering!

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