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CANNY ELEVATOR win the bid of large and grand business project
Author:CANNY  Published :2018-03-06 Read:4834

Recently, CANNY ELEVATOR again captured large landmark order. It successfully won the bid of Chongqing commercial new landmark -- Zhong Di Square. CANNY will provide over 260 sets of elevators and escalators for this project. (Including nearly 60 sets of 6m/s super high speed elevators and 4m/s high-speed elevators).

Chongqing Zhong Di Square is tailor-made by ZONDIGUAND GUOUP which is one of best 100 of China Real Estate Developers. The total construction area of the Square is around 800,000m2. It’s a new business world which assembles fashion shopping center, 258 meters city twin towers office building, international five star hotel and high-end boutique apartments in one scale. Due to this grand project, Chongqing Zhong Di Square was honored as “2016~2017 China complex new landmark".

CANNY ELEVATOR matches the demand of grand commercial complex in an all-round way with prominent passenger transport solution, providing quality services within the whole process of product design, manufacturing, installation and maintenance.

Accompanied with the running of CANNY ELEVATOR, more and more landmark buildings are raising straightly from the ground, continue to break through the city skyline.

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