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Enhancing Cohesion, Forging Ahead -- 2017 CANNY Elevator Global Agent Meeting
Author:CANNY  Published :2017-03-21 Read:5522

2017 CANNY Elevator Global Agent Conference was successfully held in Shanghai on February 22, 2017. The theme of it is “Enhancing Cohesion, Forging Ahead”. Company President Mr. Wang Youlin, Vice President & Marketing and International Business Executive Director Mr. Zhu Ruihua and other company leadership and outstanding agents from Russia, Colombia, Dominica, India, South Korea, Malaysia, Indonesia, South Africa, Mexico, Pakistan, Philippines etc., totally more than 600 people from all over the world, grandly celebrated glorious victory of 2016 and looked forwarder to the beautiful future of 2017 at the same time.

In the year of 2016, Domestic and overseas markets were severe and complicated. However, CANNY Elevator as the representative of independent Chinese brand began to develop rapidly. It became a super model of Elevator Industry to achieve marketing growth in such a challenging condition.

President Mr. Wang Youlin made an inspired lecture in the meeting: “Review back, Expect future”:

In 2016, CANNY and everybody here have an extraordinary year. We trust and benefit to each other.
In 2017, we will cooperate deeply and successfully. CANNY aims to have good development with every partner sincerely.

This is the 20 anniversary of establishment of CANNY Elevator. We sincere thanks to every agent’s effort and contribution. Let go together and make new legend of Elevator in the world.

Vice President & Marketing and International Business Executive Director Mr. Zhu Ruihua expounded the condition of elevator industry of year 2016-2017, overseas marketing plan, policy and regime and brand strategy.

The New Year is full of challenge, but also it’s an opportunity for us. Cohesion and Innovation, Brand Upgrading, Intelligent manufacturing, Internet of Things and International marketing are the main words in 2017. CANNY Elevator will focus to develop new-type urbanization, strategic real estate clients, public transportation field, County Market, Domestic retrofit/Reform Market and Overseas Market. The Stronger is always Strong. CANNY Elevator will take mission of The First National Brand of China to show its brand image in the world. We will try best to create a certain market influence and visibility of the international elevator brand.

The contribution of super agents is very important for the rapid growth of performance of CANNY Elevator. During the conference, CANNY awarded grand commending to the outstanding agents in year 2016.

Now in the 20 anniversary of establishment of CANNY Elevator, we merrily gathered with our dream in Shanghai City. For 20 years, it’s a landmark for honor, but also a new beginning of new journey. Let’s make another glorious chapter of CANNY together.

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