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CANNY ELEVATOR Exhibited in Indonesia LIFT & ESCALATOR Expo 2016
Author:CANNY  Published :2016-08-17 Read:6422

       The 2nd Indonesia LIFT & ESCALATOR Expo 2016 had been grandly held in Indonesia capital Jakarta from 27th to 29th July, 2016, attracting over 200 well-known elevator and spare part brands around the world to participate in this great event. To further expand elevator markets in Indonesia and surrounding South-East countries, Canny International Sales Team went to Jakarta and exhibited in the Indonesia LIFT & ESCALATOR Expo 2016.

       Indonesia LIFT & ESCALATOR Expo 2016 is a comprehensive exhibition in Indonesia elevator industry, directed by Indonesia Ministry of Industry and held every two years. Together with construction machinery exhibition, it forms the Intellectual City Construction Expo, comprehensively showcases new product, new technology, new service, and becomes the largest transportation industry expo in Indonesia and ASEAN. With over 240 million population, Indonesia is one of the largest vertical transportation market in South-East Asia. Rapid growth of population and urbanization has stimulated the booming development of metropolitan construction industry, making Indonesia the fastest growing elevator market in South-East Asia. Huge market demand attracts the attention of elevator manufacturers all over the world.

       Canny Elevator has been deep sloughing in Indonesia and South-East Asia for years and accumulated abundant market development experience. Canny has won the bidding for several local large-scale construction projects, played an important role in Jakarta International Airport project, Medan Shopping-mall etc., helped to lift local urban construction to a new height, and established its important position in the elevator markets of South-East Asia. Participation in the expo has played an important role in accelerating Canny’s continuously deep expansion in Indonesia and ASEAN elevator markets, further enriched and improved overseas marketing system, and layed sound foundation for actively expanding overseas markets.

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