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Canny Elevator Co., Ltd. Attended the WEE EXPO 2016
Author:CANNY  Published :2016-05-20 Read:5995

       The World Elevator & Escalator Expo 2016 has been held at National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai) from 10 to 13 May with an unprecedented scale, including total exhibition space of 135,000 square meters and about 1200 exhibitors. The expo attracted more than 100,000 professional visitors and multitude of renowned elevator experts.

       As the largest elevator brand in China, Canny was located in the core area of the center, with an area of 500 square meters. It attracted lots of visitors’ attention by full sense of science and technology, showing Canny’s professional themes style.

Testing Tower

       The 288-meters-high testing tower of Canny will be finished Oct, 2016. Which is the tallest elevator testing tower in the world. The highest testing speed could reach 21m/s, it has 50m large hoisting height escalator test platform and double car testing at leading industry technical level. It refreshed new records of “world height and world speed”.

Industry Layout
       Canny has 4 manufacture bases in China, covering more than 1,410,000 square meters.

They’re Headquarter Industrial Park, Wujiang Core components Industrial Park, Chengdu Canny Energy-Saving Elevator Industrial Park, and Pearl River Delta Elevator Industrial Park respectively.

High-speed traction machine

       Canny KGT-G10.0F 10m/s high-speed traction machine reached the highest speed among local elevator company. It is more energy efficient, safe and more powerful.

Environmental protection of the science and technology new cabin design

       Canny’s new cabin decoration, tailored for different market areas, with unique design concept, using a variety of production process, all reflect the designer's full attention.

Internet of things

       24 hours remote monitoring of network accessed elevators, record and analyze elevator running conditions, and contact maintenance personnel according to needs, to build the ecological network among elevator, control center and maintenance personnel.

Destination dispatch system

       Through the comprehensive treatment of the designated information and reasonable allocation of elevators, passengers' waiting time and energy consumption could be reduced.

World brand, leading in China

       From the first listed company of national elevators to the world brand of China’s elevator, Canny guided an international era which belonged to China’s elevator brands.

       Standing on the peak of Chinese elevator industry, Canny is always advancing and practicing, so as to create high value, and safer and more valuable vertical transportation for customers.

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