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CANNY wins the honor of “intelligent industry demonstration enterprise”
Author:CANNY  Published :2016-04-21 Read:5485
Recently, the conference on “Deepening innovation strategy, promoting the development of intelligent industry” was held successfully in Suzhou. CANNY elevator was invited to attend the conference and won the honor of “intelligent industry demonstration enterprise.”

CANNY is the 2015 pilot enterprise for implementing integration of information technology and industrialization raised by Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. Its board of directors made the working requirement of intelligent manufacturing, technology development, Internet application and promotion through “intelligent manufacturing, smart management”. In this way, it can speed up the construction of intelligent manufacturing factory which aims at “Made in China 2025” and achieving transformation and upgrading.

Directed by intelligent design and raising the research and development capability of enterprise
CANNY successfully imported professional intelligent design by information technology and raised the design efficiency and quality significantly. As the first domestic enterprise awarded as National Recognized Enterprise Technology Center, CANNY always sticks to the core of innovation through powerful technology platform. Its innovation and research capability is in the first rank of elevator industry.

Taking intelligent manufacturing as the core and raising the intelligent level of enterprise
CANNY imported nearly 30 industrial robots and established several automatic production lines. By industrial robot and intelligent control system, the intelligent level of elevator and component manufacturing has been raised.

Relying on the Internet platform and building borderless factories
CANNY has realized informational management in all stages including purchasing, manufacturing, installation, and after sales. In this way, it set up borderless factories and achieved mobile management of elevator projects. Based on “Mass data “and “Cloud technology”, emergency rescue platform was set up to provide more sufficient guarantee for elevator safety.

In the future, CANNY will continuously lift the platform advantage of innovation industry. Taking digital factory as the core, CANNY will create the pattern of “one body with two wings“ which coordinates industrialization, informatization with intelligent manufacturing. It will also promote the integration of crucial links such as group management and control, research development and manufacturing, supply and marketing, business and finance, thus realizing intelligent management.

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