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CANNY Elevator sets another industry record — the test towers of Chengdu and Zhongshan factory lay a foundation
Author:CANNY  Published :2015-11-26 Read:5985

      On November 8 and 10, two testing towers of wholly owned subsidiaries of CANNY Elevator CO., LTD. - Chengdu CANNY Elevator CO., LTD. 120 meters testing tower and Zhongshan GuangDu Electrical CO., LTD. 100 meters testing tower started a foundation ceremony. CANNY Elevator Suzhou headquarters had a 95 meters testing tower and a under construction 288 meters testing tower topping out the end of November. CANNY Elevator sets another elevator industry record for testing tower quantity and height of the tower.

      Based on large-scale and big pattern, an important part of national strategy for CANNY Elevator industrialization, CANNY Elevator invested more than 30M RMB for the testing towers of two production bases in Chengdu and Zhongshan. These two towers are equipped with five shafts which can test 2.5 -- 8 m/s passenger elevator, 4 m/s sightseeing elevator and 0.5 m/SEC (5000 kg) freight elevator. Also Chengdu CANNY testing tower will build a test platform for 0.65 m/s heavy-duty public traffic type escalators and build a 2000 ㎡ elevator and escalator parts test experiment center. Two testing towers and the experiment center will bring a new round to the development of Chengdu and Zhongshan factory, constantly enriching the western CANNY Elevator layout and key support to southeast, and will also be a local landmark and beautiful business card.

      Wang Youlin, chairman of CANNY Elevator CO., LTD., said in an interview with local media, “CANNY four testing towers in the east, west, and south support each other and share resources. This will become an "incubator" for the healthy development of the company and continue to jointly contribute to the industry development; at the same time, this will further enhance the company's comprehensive strength, reveal the brand influence and give the local economic and social development more efforts and contributions.”

      Elevators lift your dreams, CANNY Elevator will constantly climb the new heights of the industry and create more brilliant achievements for national brands!

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