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The delegation from South Korean Quality Supervision Bureau visits CANNY
Author:CANNY  Published :2015-10-30 Read:5643

       On October 23 of 2015, the delegation from South Korean Quality Supervision Bureau, more than 20 people, visited CANNY Elevator to conduct a comprehensive inspection and research.

       The delegation is mainly composed of all levels of delegates from South Korean Quality Control System. The purpose of its China trip was to have a thorough investigation of Chinese suppliers, to have a comprehensive understanding of supplier’s operation in manufacturing, quality control, and after-sales service.

       CANNY Elevator conducted subway projects in South Korea for the first time in 2006, for the consecutive 10 years CANNY has supplied public traffic type escalators in this field. The total output is more than 700 units. CANNY is one of the most important escalator suppliers for Korean subway.     Therefore, visiting CANNY is the most important stop for South Korean delegation’s China trip. Although members of delegation are familiar with CANNY Elevator brand and products, but seeing is believing, they were all deeply impressed by super-large scale and efficient operation of CANNY Elevator.

       Through this visit, CANNY Elevator showed the members of Korean Quality System its comprehensive enterprise strength, and the two sides increased further mutual trust. For CANNY expanding South Korean market further, this has very important strategic significance.

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