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Canny Elevator's Commitment to Football Development--2015 Suzhou "Mayor Cup" Youth Campus Football League's Grand Opening
Author:CANNY  Published :2015-05-20 Read:5435

       On May 14, sole sponsored by Canny Elevator CO., LTD., 2015 Suzhou "Mayor Cup" Youth Campus Football League finals (primary sections) was held in the third middle school of Suzhou industrial park. Wang Youlin, Canny Elevator`s Chairman, Zhu Ruihua, General Manager of Marketing Operation and other leaders were invited to the opening ceremony.

       At the opening ceremony a naming signing ceremony was held for Canny Elevator's aid to campus football. As the chief sponsor of the event, Wang Youlin made an important speech. Canny Elevator has positively responded national strategic requirements of the “Overall Scheme of Chinese Football Reform”, is committed to promote the development of youth football, and pays attention to the children's growth on the football field. With practical action to fulfill the enterprise social responsibility, Canny contributes for the development of country's sports undertakings!

       In the interview after the opening ceremony, Wang Youlin said, Canny Elevator was named this match, but more importantly, we are building a strong football atmosphere, digging the youth's passion for football, heating the development of Chinese football. In the future Canny Elevator will continue to realize the "Canny Dream". At the same time Canny will continue as always to give a corporate citizen image to feedback society, and provide positive energy for the development of social undertakings!

       Canny Elevator has established for 17 years, for years Canny has paid close attention and actively supported the Chinese sports undertakings, has been named in many national sports projects:

       In 2005, Canny actively participated in the National Games and solely named the Tenth National Taekwondo Competition;

       In 2006, Canny was the title sponsor of "BBK Canny Cup" National Male Volleyball Grand Prix;

       Canny was the Sponsor of the Teenagers Navigation Model Contest in Jiangsu Province in 2006;

       For years Canny was the title sponsor of Suzhou "Canny Elevator Cup" Swimming Competition, etc., Canny Elevator continues to work with sports bureau and other relevant departments to strengthen exchanges and cooperation, to focus on the sports undertakings development, to enhance investment in sports public welfare undertakings, to contribute more on the development of sports undertakings in China!

       China Dream, Canny Dream, Football Dream!

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