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CANNY Super Height 42m Escalator Put Into Operation in Hangzhou Resort
Author:CANNY  Published :2023-03-20 Read:2209

Recently, as an escalator technical expert who has rich experiences in engineering, CANNY has installed 3 units escalators with angle 23.2° and height 42 meters, 35 meters and 25 meters respectively. It sets a new record of single escalator height in resort project.



Through competition with many well-known elevator brands, CANNY Elevator successfully won the bid and completed the project, which fully reflects the company's strong strength.

In recent years, CANNY has successively completed such scenic projects as Tianmen Mountain Sightseeing Tunnel in Zhangjiajie, Bailuyuan Film and Television City in Shaanxi Province and Shenxianju in Zhejiang Province, and has accumulated rich experience in improving passenger transport in natural scenic spots.


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