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CANNY KLW machine roomless elevator removes the elevator’s restrictions in construction, construction costs, architectural design style and utilization scopes. In saving space and costs, it brings passengers the efficiency and robustness of the upper wise.


Save Construction Space

CANNY machine roomless elevator puts the entire elevator into the shaft, so that the machine room can exert no limits to the construction, which can save the construction space.

Save construction costs
CANNY machine roomless elevator places the control cabinet in the shaft. And there is no need to build a machine room additionally, thereby saving construction costs.

Optimize Construction Design
CANNY machine roomless elevator saves the space occupied by the machine room, which provides more choices for building design.

Brake force self-testing and monitoring function
Test the brake force periodically and autonomously to avoid more accidents by means of fault reminder and no running etc.

New permanent magnetic door machine system
The optimized S-curve, smooth door switch, smaller motor load shock, good self-adaptive control capability can cope with various disturbing factors and realize automatic test, adjust and adapt. The oversized polyurethane rollers have strong abrasion resistance and can achieve muting operation.

A new generation VVVF frequency inverter
A new generation VVVF frequency inverter can adjust the current magnitude and phase according to car load and precisely control the host rotating torque to ensure the stable operation of the elevator.

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