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Wins the first sales place of 'Similar Products of National Market in 2008'
Author:CANNY  Published :2009-04-10 Read:3158

In March 2009, according to 'China Information Center of Industries and Enterprises,' the survey statistics show that the elevators of Canny Co., Ltd won the first sales place of ' Similar Products of National Market in 2008', which since 2005, it awards this honor for four consecutive years.

Canny always adheres to the principle of 'Maximization of the Product Quality', and in the pre-sales, sales and the after-sales service, Canny employees put 100% effort to meet every customer’s demand, establish a complete set of service system, maintain each sales region covered by service network and implement time-bound services to give every customer ease and comfortable enjoyment.

Superior cost-effective products, perfect service system and a strong brand effect is trust and recognized by the market, making Canny develop stable and vigorously as always, and are the internal power for Canny to win the first place of 'Main Economic Indicators for Elevator Enterprises.

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