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Canny Elevator Annual Global Marketing in 2009
Author:CANNY  Published :2009-02-27 Read:3226

February 13, Canny Elevator " Annual Global Marketing in 2009" was held in the company's new office building. More than 200 agent elites got together from all over the world. We planed to develop, and seek a win-win opportunity for greater in 2009.

In this meeting, we summed up jobs on marketing in2008. in recognition of the agents from Anhui province and other area, to issue Canny agent management system and marketing management system in 2009, as well as the 2009 annual regional installation, Maintenance Management provisions.

"The key to achieve steady growth in sales is scientific diversity marketing.” So the Company chairman Wang youlin thinks. Since 2008, Canny Elevator in the scientific analysis of competition in the market trend, based on timely and steadily introduced a differentiated marketing strategy: on the one hand, the stability of front-line city market, set our sights on the enormous potential for development of the second and third-line cities; On the other hand, focus on the major infrastructure projects, such as subways, airports and public projects.

In 2009 Canny Elevator has the marketing goal for 1.9 billion in Order, and achieve 1.5 billion in output value, profits and taxes more than in 2008.

Standing on the shoulders of 2008, as a guide of scientific decision-making, with a strong technological innovation capability, as well as hardware enhancements, Canny will achieve the goal in 2009. As chairman of the China Elevator Association, Mr. Ren Tianxiao said: " Canny elevator has already gotten encouraging development, I believe them will achieve greater development in 2009! "

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