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CANNY have more than 5000 excellent employees with different personalities. Due to their career dedication, to the enterprise goals and confidence for their own development, CANNY people gather in this group.

Carrying out Recreational Activities and Enriching Cultural Connotation

CANNY strives to create distinctive corporate culture. By organizing a series of recreational activities, such as singing, speech and recital contests, as the carrier, it successfully delivers new feelings and consciousness to its staffs and enhances the communication among them, thus deepening the relationship among employees and upgrading the cohesion of the team.


Training Skills and Improving Performance

CANNY has carried out rich training courses. By the course training at different levels, the managers' ability level and employees' personal skills are improved. Their personal professional knowledge and occupational qualities are continuously enriched so that they can grow with the company.

CANNY has organized and carried out the skill trainings and skill competitions towards the technicians to comprehensively inspect the skill level and actual operational capacity of each post, stimulate the staffs to endeavor to improve their professional skills, improve the theoretical level and practical skills and abilities in a more comprehensive manner.

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