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KLXF series escalator is kind of heavy-duty escalator specially tailored for public traffic. With excellent product quality, superior operating performance and leading security guarantee, it can fully meet the stringent load requirements for high lifting height, great visitors flow rate and long transport time. It is therefore the best solutions for the subways, railway stations, airports and other public transportation places.


Meet the Requirements of a Steady Stream of Heavy-duty Transportation

Have no fear for the challenge from spatial height or the impact of the harsh environment or the long-time transport with large passenger flow. The escalator overcomes numerous difficulties in space transportation and makes every effort to provide you with the best solution.

Stable Control, Lasting Driving Force
The microcomputer board master control system developed by CANNY independently has a faster response and a more stable performance.
Inverter control and star-delta conversion dual modes can ensure the consistent steady running of the heavy-duty public traffic type escalator.
V-type handrail increases the contact area of the rotary end and the friction of the armrest, thus providing greater driving force for the running of the escalator.
Handrail end drive mode is realized with the close connection of the secondary transmission, V-type handrail and the rotating wheel, which can decrease the friction coefficient of the handrail, thereby reducing energy consumption.

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