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KLF Lingshow escalator integrates the cutting-edge technology and diversified functions of modern escalator and leads the new trend of escalator manufacturing. On a consistent basis of superb technology, CANNY ELEVATOR pays more attention to adding the noble human-oriented concept, observing customer’s needs carefully, and highlighting the technological wisdom.


International Standard Leads to Safety Manufacturing

Handrail inlet protection device : If a foreign matter is stuck between the rubber head and handrail, the safety switch behind the rubber entrance will work to stop the escalator.

Emergency stop button : In case of emergency malfunction of the escalator, press the emergency stop button and immediately stop the escalator to avoid more accidents.

Carved Details Create Superb Quality
The truss adopts the robotic welding technology, which greatly enhance the manufacturing process. It has lean quality and it is sturdy and durable, beautiful and elegant.
The diameter of the contact roller is ф75. This can effectively reduce the wheel pressure, and improve the step chain breaking force dramatically. The safety factor will be higher.
Large-height and high-intensity armrest guardrail is adopted. The protection height of the guardrail can amount to 1000 mm, which has improved safety performance. Meanwhile, new reinforced safety glass fixtures enable the fence to have strong stability.
Outdoor escalator’s lower machine room installs water level detection sensor. It can automatically detect the water level and find out ponding problems. (Optional )
When the ambient temperature is so low that it affects the normal operation of the escalator, the system will automatically start the heating device to ensure the normal operation of the escalator and create a comfortable riding environment for passengers. (Optional)

Green Technology Creates Environmental Pioneer

PLC-controlled automatic oiling and lubrication system is able to give ideal automatic oiling to the transmission chain, thus extending the life of the transmission mechanism.

All lighting equipment uses LED lighting technology. Compared with traditional bulbs, it can save up to 80 % of the energy.

The oil-water separator is specially designed for outdoor escalators. The rainwater is discharged through the separator and the oil is cleaned regularly to reduce oil and protect the environment. (Optional)

Frequency control technology: CANNY’s newly designed inverters guarantee a steady speed adjustment in the standby mode and further reduce the energy consumption required for low speed operation. Accordingly, more energy can be saved regardless of different passenger flows. (Optional)

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