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Product Introduction:

KLM Lingshow series escalators adhere to the quality of CANNY ELEVATOR. With people-oriented philosophy in design and manufacturing, customers’ needs such as safety, aesthetics and performance are taken into account, thereby bringing users an extraordinarily cozy, steady and safety riding experience.


High-Precision Ladder Way Side-Guiding System

Adopt Φ70 contact roller to realize the high-precision horizontal step positioning to ensure a proper gap and prevent foreign matters between steps and skirting panel.

Innovative Design, Extremely Meticulous
The new design of the frontier board is free of the moderato’s overlap joint interference. When a foreign matter is brought between the comb teeth and the step, this design will make it easier to move backward, touch the safety switch and stop the escalator.

The innovative floating armrest handrail entrance is more flexible and smooth, thus reducing accidents to the utmost extent.

Superior Performance, Ensure Foolproof Operation

In case of emergency malfunction of theescalator, pressing the emergency stop button and immediately stopping theelevator to avoid more accidents.  

PLC-controlled automatic oiling and lubricationsystem is able to give ideal automatic oiling to the transmission chain, thusextending the life of the transmission mechanism.

In case of a malfunction, the fault codewill be displayed on the malfunction screen. The faults can be positioned accuratelyand the maintenance efficiency can be improved. (Optional)

Comb teeth lighting equipment is installedskillfully on the next skirting panel, which will provide lighting services forsteps and comb teeth to facilitate passengers’ safe ride.  (Optional)

Through remote monitoring technology,real-time monitoring over the data signals of the escalator’ up, down, failureand repair can be conducted to facilitate maintenance and overhaul. (Optional)

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