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CANNY has been awarded the first prize for "Project of the year 2014" by ELEVATOR WORLD
Author:CANNY  Published :2015-12-01 Read:4493

Recently, the "ELEVATOR WORLD" magazine released the selection result for “Project of the year 2014". The project of Mount Tianmen TourismTunnel Escalators by Canny Elevator Co., Ltd which has created a new miracle world engineering project, was awarded the first prize for“Project of the year 2014-- The New Installation Escalator".This is the first achievement for Chinese domestic elevator brands. As the only Chinese brand winner, Canny Elevator has set another No.1 record in the Chinese elevator industry.

As the most globally influential and authoritative elevator magazine, "ELEVATOR WORLD" awards the classical escalator projects all over the world each year. Selected from six major categories and twenty-one most representative world projects, each project must have the innovation design content, be a special application to solve major problems, overcome unique construction difficulties, reflect the team efforts to overcome difficulties, ensure the completion of the project on time, within the budget, and give 100% perfect service andcustomer satisfaction. Under the harsh evaluation conditions, the selected projects are all exceptional and outstanding pieces in the elevator industry!

The project of Mount Tianmen Tourism Tunnel Escalators by Canny Elevator has successfully created the world's first escalator installation in high altitude mountain tunnel. It is a result for the combination of the Canny Elevator design, production, hoisting and installation engineering team`s wisdom and hard work, which lasted more than 3 years in construction. Twenty units super high public traffic type escalators of 30meters and four units of 20 meters are successfully installed and put into operation. After installation, the project has the transport capacityof 6000 passengers per hour, 72000 passengers per day and passenger flow increases by 50% atthis scenic spot.This project was evaluated the toughest environment, the most difficult engineering project, the hardest construction site, the highest total lifting rise, the longest total moving step length, the most creative high altitude mountain tunnel escalator in the world, which creates a new model for harmonious coexistence of engineering construction and ecological protection-- as one of the world wonders, the project will go down in history of world elevator development.

Canny Elevator is committed to provide the most careful and the most perfect tailor-made service scheme for our clients.This award “Project of the year 2014" is a perfect affirmation for our engineering services management system, andit also puts higher requirements for Canny Elevator. At present, Canny Elevator has completed 400 customer service centers, remote monitoring centers and logistics network information platforms, successfully introduced the intelligent“Canny Eagle” system from the shipment to the installation and maintenance, engineering service management operating EOS system.Canny has advanced technical, professional, capable installation teams and maintenance teams who are providing 24 hours all-day treatment for emergency fault and accident, this brings the Canny Elevator comprehensive service system to an advanced level. In the future, Canny Elevator will continue the pursuit of refine on the service concept, always walking in the forefront of the industry, leading the China domestic brand to a new height!

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