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Canny Elevator Technical Center has been appraised as National-Level enterprise Technical Center
Author:CANNY  Published :2011-11-25 Read:3188

On November 16th, 2011, Canny Elevator Technical Center has been formally appraised as national-level enterprise technical center by five ministries as National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Finance, State Administration of Taxation and General Administration of Customs.

Canny Elevator becomes the first domestic enterprise appraised as “National-Level Enterprise Technical Center” in China’s elevator industry.

CannyElevator Technical Center was founded in 2003, it has been appraised as “Provincial Enterprise Technical Center” in 2005 and it has been appraised as Jiangsu Provincial Enterprise Technical Center by Jiangsu Economic and Trade Commission in 2009. The Center has a powerful technical research and development team, a complete set of research and development institutions and test conditions. The center attaches great importance to continuing to improve research cooperation; it has signed cooperation agreement with authority institutes one after another, establishing Institute of Building Mechanization of China Academy of Building Research─Canny Elevator “Institute of Inspection and Standard for Elevator & Escalator Complete machine and Parts”, Nanjing University Elevator Technology Research Institute─Canny Elevator “Institute of Technology and Control System for Elevator & Escalator Key Parts and Accessories”, Canny Elevator─Zhejiang University “Academician Work Station of Elevator & Escalator Technology Basic Research with The Elevator Products Digital Design, Manufacture, Key Technology Management and Application”, together with Harbin Industrial of Technology jointly carrying out the Subject of “Eleventh Five-Year Plan” national science and technology support plans “Key Technology Research For Existing Building Equipment Upgrading”.

The “National Certificated Enterprise Technology Center” of China is the top platform for Chinese enterprises. This certification has higher threshold, common innovation mechanism, technology and talent, output and benefit, technology innovation benefit and so forth ,totally 22 quantitative evaluation index in index system, which requires the enterprises participating in certification should not only have leading scale in the industry, but also emphasized the reflecting of independent intellectual property rights and technology innovation.

National-LevelEnterprise Technical Centeris the core of enterprise innovation system, it is the concrete embodiment of technology, product, brand, service and others which is the core competitiveness of an enterprise, it is the symbol for an enterprise to develop comprehensive strength and build up core competitiveness.

It is reported, after enterprise technical center has acquired national-level certification, Chinese government will give enterprise key support and funding from project approval, tax breaks, technology center construction to make it has the conditions and ability to afford China’s industrial upgrading, technology innovation new project, accelerating to become the leader of the new technology and new products in this field, maker of product standard so as to promote technology progress of the whole industry.

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