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Canny Participates the 12th International Lift Fair in Istanbul
Author:CANNY  Published :2011-05-05 Read:3195

Istanbul, the economic center of Turkey, was full of tulip fragrance and soft winds from Bosporus in April. 12th International Lift Fair was opened on this nice land from 14 April to 17 April, 2011. On behalf of Canny Elevator Co., Ltd., Mr. Richard, the General Manager of Marketing Operation, took part in the fair for the 3rd time.

Over this elevator exhibition, Canny cooperated with its exclusive agent and showed together in one stand in Hall 7. It not only represented the close operation relationship in-between, but also realized the effect of 1 + 1>2. Canny' s agent is one of the large sized local elevator companies in Turkey. At the obvious position of the 220 ㎡stand area, one unit Lingshow escalator was displayed, that was innovated and manufactured by canny. This modern escalator embodied a lot of advantages over traditional ones, including streamlined outer appearance, higher safety and reliability, energy saving, etc. During the exhibition, canny attracted plenty visitors and regular and potential clients from different countries, including India, Iran, Italy, Egypt, Kazakstan, etc. Due to Canny' s excellent strengths in escalator aspect, they provided 8 units heavy duty escalators to Sigma Subway in Izmir city, 22 units to Oztas Subway, and 44 units to Borova Subway. Apart from these three projects, canny would continue supplying products to other metros in Turkey.        

Turkey looks like a bridge extending both on European and Asian sides. It is one of the most important overseas markets for canny to develop. The success of this show will definitely help canny further opens Turkish market and the other countries around. 

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