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Canny Succeeded in Developing 7m/s Hyper-Speed Passenger Elevator
Author:CANNY  Published :2010-11-30 Read:3392

With China stepping up its urbanization process, high-rise office buildings and hotels are springing up, presenting a promising future for hyper-speed and high-capacity elevators. Meanwhile, it imposes higher requirements on elevator speed and capacity. As a leading company of China’s national elevator industry, Canny, over one year of struggling and overcoming difficulties, has successfully developed its hyper-speed passenger elevator modeling KLK2 /VF1600/7.0 (v=7.0m/s, Q=1600kg), the first to be found among China’s national brands. This scientific and technological fruit, ending the monopoly of foreign brands in 7m/s hyper-speed elevator, is a breakthrough in China’s national elevator technical innovation process.

After careful and strict examination, experts from the National Elevator Quality Supervision and Inspection Center were unanimous that the 7m/s, 1600kg hyper-speed elevator typed KLK2 developed by Canny conforms to the stipulations of Elevator Type Test Rules. They also issued Type Test Report for Special Equipment and Certificate of Type Test for Special Equipment.

The experts said that Canny’s success in developing 7m/s hyper-speed passenger elevator will further increase its R&D strength in high-speed and hyper-speed elevator industry in the Chinese and Asian market, and enhance the advantageous position of national brands in the field of hyper-speed elevator. The chairman of board, Mr. Wang Youlin claimed that Canny would take its research fruit of 7m/s hyper-speed elevator as an opportunity to design and develop more cutting-edge, more stable, more efficient and better-quality products for its clients, constantly instilling vitality into the national elevator industry.

It is learned that the KLK2/VF 1600/7.0(v=7.0m/s  Q=1600kg)passenger elevator developed by Canny has been put into production and will be installed in the Sanjing North Office Building of Shanghai’s Dragon-Dream project.

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