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Canny Won the Bid for South Korean subway Ilsan Line & Uijeongbu Light Electric Railway Project
Author:CANNY  Published :2010-09-30 Read:3254

Recently, Canny has successfully got the bid for the South Korean subway Ilsan line and Uijeongbu Light electric railway project. Ilsan Line subway is located in Ilsan District, Kosan city, South Korea. It is the extension of the Third line subway. While Uijeongbu Light electric railway is the extension of the Seoul subway located in Uijeongbu neighboring Seoul.

It has been the forth time for Canny to enter into South Korean Subway projects following its winning the bids for 100 units of public traffic escalators of South Korean Daejeon and Kwangjusubway project in 2006 and 50 units of public traffic escalators of Seoul subway reconstruction project in 2007. It is also a remarkable event where Canny once again got a rail traffic project order after it won the bid for Suzhou rail traffic project.

As a key supplier for South Korean subway, Canny has successfully done its job in production, processing and distribution in accordance with the contracts, which is a prerequisite and guarantee for Canny to get South Korean subway project once again. This time, Canny will supply 26 units of public traffic escalators for this project.

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