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Zhangjiajie Mt. Tianmen Tourism Tunnel Escalators

Project Background:

Zhangjiajie Mt. Tianmen is the earliest famous mountain that has been put into the historical record. Tianmen Cave is located above the cliff of over 1300m height above sea level.(131.5m height, 57m width, 60m depth) It runs from north to south in high cliff. It is of great momentum. It stands towering. It is a rare mountain-crossing karst cave with high altitude.


It is a famous place of interest. Tianmen Cave in Mt. Tianmen is a natural mountain-crossing karst cave with the highest altitude in the world. It is highly difficult in construction.

The project of Zhangjiajie Mt. Tianmen Tourism Tunnel Escalators by CANNY Elevator which has created a new miracle world engineering project, was awarded the first prize for“Project of the year 2015 -- The New Installation Escalator".


CANNY provides the project with 35 sets of KLXF heavy-duty public traffic type escalators.

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